Meal Deliveries

We live in a time where food trends more than fashion. From families with too many palates to please or too hectic a household to young professionals with long hours most aren’t able to have their ideal meal on the dinner table when they’re ready to eat. Our “dinner-delivery” service changes that. Why rely on sad freezer meals or greasy take-out with questionable, hard-to-spell ingredients when you can have exactly what you want waiting for you in your fridge when you get home?

There are many meal-delivery services in the Houston area, so what sets LPD apart? Think of us like Netflix. While the first few meals are based on your suggestions, or our most popular dishes, over the time we cultivate a collection of recipes, ingredients, and likes and dislikes, based on your continued feedback, and eventually know what you want for dinner before you do. Each week, based on your frequency of deliveries, a new menu is created and sent based on preferences, positive responses from previous meals, and new, popular and seasonal dishes.Before any deliveries, the chef typically recommends a “kitchen consultation” to discuss everything from general cuisine preferences to dietary restrictions, ideal portion sizes, and delivery schedule. Delivered meals are each labeled with re-heating instructions and packaged for convenience to go directly from your refrigerator straight to oven or microwave, based on your packaging preference of glass pyrex, plastic tupperwear or disposable foil trays. Meals are typically delivered between 1:00-4:00pm, Monday through Friday, but alternate delivery times are almost always available upon request.

Need a creative gift idea for a friend or family? Let us deliver a beautifully plated, custom meal to a loved one that reflects trending, seasonal foods or your favorite flavors.