Cooking Lessions

Not everyone has the time or flexibility to leave their home for a cooking lesson, so that’s why we come to you. We believe that if you really want to learn to cook, it doesn’t make sense to learn in a kitchen with materials and appliances different than your own.

LPD offers a variety of cooking lessons from our group “Culinary Bootcamps” for moms to private, one-on-one lessons. Whether it’s a girl’s night happy hour lesson with wine and cheese pairings, or a quick mid-day lesson after dropping off the kids at school, LPD can do it all. The day and time of the lesson is entirely up to the host, as is the theme of the class. Lesson themes range from: helping select exactly what tools and equipment you need in your kitchen to replicating a favorite restaurant dish to making homemade salad dressings and salads to match.

The chef will bring all ingredients required for the lesson and consult with the host prior to the lesson on any additional tools or equipment that may be needed. Lessons vary in price based on class size, duration of class and ingredient cost, so please contact the LPD for more details and to schedule your first lesson!