About the Chef

Katia Dominique Mazzone

After graduating from Southern Methodist University in 2012, Katia returned to her native home of Houston with the intention of learning as much as possible about both the business and creative side of the catering industry. After a few months of working closely with the Events department at Rice University, Katia then joined the staff at Houston-favorite, Tiny Boxwoods, sitting in on meetings with their weddings & special events coordinator, assisting with small weddings and parties, and observing in the kitchen at Tiny’s No. 5 with the pastry chef.

While connecting with family friends back home, Katia was repeatedly told- primarily by moms- that they wished there were a meal-delivery service that could create customized, healthy and perfectly portioned dinners, delivered it straight to their door. While to-go orders from restaurants were the easy solution, busy parents and hard-working college graduates simply didn’t have the time to create the dinner they wanted for both themselves and their kids and still have a relaxing weekday night.

In 2013, Katia established La Petite Dominique as both a personal chef service and boutique catering company. Katia soon realized that while some moms are too busy to cook, others have the time to do so but lack the confidence to enter the kitchen and prepare a meal. Therefore, she began to offer in-home, one-on-one cooking lessons and “Culinary Bootcamps” for groups of moms who want to feel more comfortable in their kitchen and learn the basics of cooking.

Katia is constantly researching innovative cooking techniques, keeping up-to-date with the latest food trends and “super foods”. Married to a British national, she and her husband frequently travel around the UK and Europe, gaining inspiration and sampling foods and wines from various restaurants and master chefs around the world.